Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall for the fear or fall out of favour

This is an e-mail I sent to my father the end of last month -


This is one of the things I really want to do:

In the car, I would like to carry my paperwork (Papers Please)
in my copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Though I fear to do this because it has been determined that those who quote or carry this fast becoming subversive document are to be considered suspect of what ever the crime of the day is, i.e. terrorist, subversive agitator, non-patriot, etc. So in addition I would most likely be wise to carry with me (In my copy of the Constitution) my Children's birth certificates and court orders of custody, along with their Social Security cards and the non-official photo Id's I have for them - which are currently in my wallet at all times anyway - just in case. As I am Also suspect because I am a single male with children.

So I bow to the propaganda of fear, to my great chagrin. I carry my Papers and not my Constitution. In case of a traffic stop, warranted or otherwise, I bite my tongue. All in hope that I can spare myself and my children the trauma of being seen as one of the ones to watch - a suspect treated in accordance with my profile - Simply because I Love my Country (Well... what's left of it) but truly fear my Government (What it has become).

Preparedness = Paranoia
Concern = Suspicion

Today I pray for:

Free Elections

That little rant goes pretty well with a comment I submitted to
life's journey on blogspot today...


Just for good measure here are two very useful videos in regards to police contact:


I have been noticing that random checkpoints have been on the increase in Colorado so I dug up the - The Use of Sobriety Checkpoints for Impaired Driving Enforcement (State of Colorado Manual) - to get an over view of these practices.


The big issue I have had lately was about a year ago. I happend across a donations drive by the county fire departments, where they had several firefighters standing at stopping points in intersections soliciting donations. Not that getting drunk drivers off the road and asking for support of municipal services is not a good thing but, when I came up on these guys, in uniform, I felt obliged to roll down my window and give them money for fear that if I did not at least cooperate in speaking with them and letting them lean into my car. That I would be targeted down the road for a suspicious vehicle stop.

Just recently I clipped an article from my city's News letter (See: regards to the services that my local police should be providing. In my town the police and their associates have been known to go on murderous escapades complete with cover-up attempts and evidence tampering. that along with a string of police impersonations, trust is low. So in an effort to smooth over the behaviour of his force and others the Chief wrote a letter at one point stating that one of their "Key Values"... is ..."Integrity. We will scrupulously adhere to the laws of the land, the ethics of our chosen profession and the moral code of a decent human being" You can always hope but, I keep that article in my wallet - Just in case...

Remember to exercise your rights! Or through slow erosion and obedience training we will surely loose them.

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DotConnector said...

It's the fear of consequences that stops us being who we really are. Once fear of how other people percieve us is dealt with and we do as we really feel it is RIGHT to do, not the selfish 'ego' motivated decisionsthat we make for the acceptance of others then this world will change in an instant.

Hi and keep up the good work !