Saturday, November 15, 2008

About Managing Everyday Life

While digressing from their reality of the election I managed to continue my dissertation of Living in multiple realities (the one you see and the one you feel) Here is chapter two:


c0mpsych(with a Zero)

About Managing Everyday Life The Grind - The Rat Race - Muddling through living from paycheck to paycheck. The Kids - The Car - The Job - The Boss - That aggravating coworker! All the situations that you have to cope with just to come home to try and decompress. With what? The latest episode of Survivor or The Real Life or Teen Idol - American idol - Football - Baseball - the NEWS!? And this year (I guess you can tell when I killed my T.V.) there is the ever over-present political race. Jammed right in your face! When you try to fall asleep at night you fall asleep thinking there must be something better, a better way. A way to get all those crappy things out of your life. Continued


DotConnector said...

Good article and well written, post more stuff more frequently.

A. Peasant said...

You are not alone.